The Anchor Day Nursery and Preschool provides quality day-care for children aged three months to five years. We pride ourselves on offering a highly supportive, professionally managed nursery, where your child’s happiness is at the centre of all we do. 

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We recognise that this is an important milestone for all our children as they move forward from a familiar place they are in and setting sail on a new journey. 

The Anchor nursery team will be at hand to nurture and support all the children to raise up and embrace new and brighter adventures as they look forward at what is to come as they develop their full potential and love of learning through play.

We are committed to working with all our families and children to build strong connections to maintain the stable and secure environment that supports the children to grow as secure and confident individuals.






The Anchor Nursery and Preschool are located in a purpose designed barn set in a beautiful and peaceful area surrounded by mature woodland and overlooking well kept working farms.

Indoors, the Nursery is caring, engaging and spotlessly clean, whilst outside we are adventurous, spontaneous and muddy!

The children enjoy the earliest opportunity to explore, discover and collaborate with each other in line with the Goldenapples family ethos, and they begin to learn to take responsibility for themselves and others in the safest of hands.

The Anchor Nursery and Preschool is open for 51 weeks of the year, from 7.30a.m – 6pm.









aring – The Anchor is underpinned by the same caring principles and values expected within the Goldenapples family.



xpertise – The Anchor is led by a fully qualified Early years level 5 practitioner who is supported by experienced nursery practitioners.

ature Explorers Club – daily time in the forest with the freedom to climb trees and daydream; making dens and lifelong memories.

olistic – developing physical, social and verbal skills as foundations for a future love of learning.

ge appropriate – all activities are adapted to the age and stage of the child’s development.

atural environment – shared with birds, trees, ponds and flowers; with mammals and mini beasts to be tracked and discovered.

panish – a playful and engaging introduction to the second-most widely spoken language.

arly Mathematics and young imaginations inspired by Phonics - a head-start in core subjects.


The nursery is designed to make all who visit feel welcome with open and spacious rooms where children interact with each other as a community.

The nursery is divided in age appropriate rooms, despite this distinction the open through plan enables all the age groups to interact.

The nursery has large outdoor spaces which allow free flow and the covered outdoor play area enables children to play outdoor in all weathers.

Our natural environment and in the moment planning support children development to learn using different natural materials. Our Curiosity approach Ethos stimulates the children to engage in discussions as they investigate different media or pursue their own interests on their journey of discovery and learning.

The open and free flow plan promotes a smooth transition for the children when they move up from one room to the other as they are already familiar with the surroundings.

Our experienced team ensure that each child’s development is carefully monitored, and then appropriate activities are planned to meet individual need to meet their developmental milestones.



All meals are freshly prepared daily, a three weekly menu is available to all parents to view, please download our sample menu below. Lunch and tea is provided daily as well as snacks three times a day or when required.

We have a detailed weaning programme and care for the young children. Special dietary requirements are catered for. All snacks consist of fresh fruit or vegetables and milk/water is available throughout the day.

However, some parents choose to provide their own pre-packed meals and we need 24 hours notice if this is the case.

The Nursery operates a No Nuts policy due to some children having serious allergic reactions.

Please do not bring nuts or nuts products or anything that may have been in contact onto the premises.



We provide a home from home service in which your child will feel safe, secure, and cared for by our highly experienced and qualified team. We are committed, passionate and dedicated to our staff professional development as this enriches the care and learning we offer the children on their learning journey.


Our dedicated and inspirational practitioners, are committed to nurturing children to achieve their full potential, ensure that the children are active, curious and enthusiastic learners as they process information to understand the world around them.

We are in tranquil and peaceful surroundings where children learn well without noise and other distractions. Promoting outdoor play and adventure as we encourage children to develop their own sense of risk management.


We provide nutritious and balanced food that is freshly prepared on site.


Provision of varied, exciting, and stimulating activities.




The Anchor Nursery is situated in lovely grounds surrounded by a beautiful woodland that lend itself to be used for excellent outdoor learning.

The Anchor Nature Explorers Club will offer our children the chance to try more adventurous outdoor activities. Under adult supervision they can take part in activities such as climbing trees and natural art.

Based on the Forest School ethos, we will run our own Nature explorers’ sessions to support children’s development and understanding of the natural world.

Children are encouraged to use all their senses as it helps them to become aware of their surroundings and unleash their creativity.  The Nature explores club will continue to support all areas of the children’s development while following the Early Years Foundation Stage. This allow them opportunities to be physically active in the fresh air, whatever the weather!

In extreme weather conditions however, activities will be provided within the outdoor classroom. The activities will be child-led and allow them to work independently and with other children as it helps development of social skills, problem solving abilities and creativity.

The beautiful woodland provides our Nature Explorers with the freedom to enjoy the natural environment and to discover themselves. Free to climb and swing from trees, and to make dens, campfires and life-long friends within a consistently risk assessed area, our young people get to enjoy every minute, rain or shine.

Key to our long-term investment in our door environment is the opportunity for our Explorers to learn things that are increasingly essential in next generation careers.

Problem solving skills, agility, self-confidence, tenacity and resilience are developed through a combination of free play and structured challenges.

Our Explorers Club is open to other school children once a week subject to our strict admission criteria as we contribute to our community health and wellbeing strategy.

We strongly recommend our Explorers club as the physical and wellbeing advantages of time spent in our beautiful woodland are plain for all to see.



Do you know how we chose the room names?

The Anchor’s Difference is all about offering your child exceptional care during their time at Nursery.

We are based in beautiful and peaceful grounds surrounded by an amazing woodland and bordered by farming activities, where children can have endless opportunities to watch and learn about farming machinery.


Our fantastic outdoor learning environment enables the children to access a variety of outdoor learning approaches, we believe this experience gives all the children wider learning opportunities as the greater the diversity the greater the learning potential.

Even on a cold day, we will wrap the children up in coats, hats and gloves so they can run, jump and skip outside to their hearts content.

So, when it came to choosing the room names, the great outdoors and nautical interests provided our inspiration! We believe a name says a lot, and we have chosen names that symbolise positive affirmation for our ongoing journey as we prepare the children for the future.

We love having a clear identity to each room and have found that children like to know the name of their room and that it helps them feel a sense of belonging.



A new day in the nautical twilight, every child’s first steps like new growth on plants in springtime being inspirational. A journey of discovery in new unfamiliar places, but with the determination to take the first step and explore what is beyond! Setting off at first light filled with Awe and Wonder!

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A journey of discovery filled with hope, excitement and confidence. Navigating the oceans and at this stage we recognise they are like precious water and every learning opportunity is maximised to instil a strong sense of security, belonging and confidence in the knowledge that they are equipped to successfully navigate through whatever comes their way.


 A stage of strength and security, with the confident child heading to new frontiers. With excellent teaching and nurturing all the children will be effortlessly navigating through their learning journeys as they prepare for big school.

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