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The Golden Apples Story

With over 200 years of combined experience across our nurseries and preschools, we strive to employ a fantastic team, with a strong focus on our company ethos being at the centre of everything we do when caring for our families.

Our core values are to deliver excellent services with integrity, and all of our employees are expected to embed this in their day to day work and demonstrate the commitment to uphold this in their performance reflecting the behaviours we expect to see. 

Our Golden Apples Family vision is: ‘A setting that supports, encourages and nurtures all children in our care to realise their full potential’. We aim to empower, educate and provide wonderful experiences to our children to prepare them for a smooth transition into their school journey.

A strong parent partnership and the support, love and value we have within our communities is what enables us to provide our children and families with the nurturing experience that they receive when joining our Golden Apples Family Tree.

Golden Apples Family of nurseries


Golden Apples Family of nurseries

"My children are absolutely loving the holiday club. Jo has made it so special for them that they can't wait to come back time and time again. Thank you so much Jo (Haverhill)." - A parent - Keeks Keeks

Head Office Information:

Call: 01440 702151 opt.2



Find us: Golden Apples Head Office, Haverhill, CB9 8QP

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Golden Apples Family of nurseries
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